Betty’s Burgers

Last Monday was a national holiday so I went with my daughter to the Melbourne CBD for sightseeing. When we were getting hungry because lunchtime was approaching we decided to go to the original Betty’s Burgers on the corner of Elizabeth Street & Collins Street. They are famous for accommodating various dietary requirements such as “gluten free”, vegan, or vegetarian and they also cater for “halal”. You can check on their website. It’s just that we have to specify halal when we order so they cook on separate grills. Their meat and chicken are supplied by a halal company. We ordered burgers without the buns. If you are intrigued about burgers without bread try a Betty’s Burgers branch.

Hari Senin lalu adalah hari libur nasional, jadi aku pergi bersama anakku ke Melbourne CBD untuk jalan-jalan. Sa’at kami mulai lapar karena sebentar lagi jam makan siang kami memutuskan untuk pergi ke Betty’s Burgers disudut jalan Elizabeth & jalan Collins. Katanya mereka terkenal menyediakan menu untuk orang-orang yang diet seperti “gluten free”, vegan, atau vegetarian dan mereka juga melayani “halal”. Bisa di check di website mereka. Hanya saja kita harus bilang ketika kita memesan makanan yang kita mau. Daging dan ayam mereka di supply oleh halal company. Kami memesan burger tanpa roti rollnya. Kalau anda bingung bagaimana burger tanpa roti roll datanglah ke Betty’s Burgers.


Locations and opening hours at

Halal beef and chicken suppliers but must specify that your burger needs to be halal; diner discretion advised as alcoholic drinks are served

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