The Studio Beans (West Melbourne)

Heading towards normal life again in Melbourne, we had no urgent need to find halal restaurants. But because we happened to leave the car one of the city’s buildings and there was a cafe that offered vegetarian food, we stopped by. The place is not big, with several tables and chairs inside and outside the…

Flirting Shadows

“…Tucked away near the Coles in a busy part of Coburg…”

MS Coffee Shop

“…the (female Muslim) owner was very welcoming…”

Kasr Sweets

“Kasr is a coffee and dessert haven..”

A1 Bakery (Werribee)

“On a warmer day, you can venture out from the crowded interior to sit on the pretty courtyard.”

Wee Jeanie

“… a cute little place on Yarraville’s cafe strip right near the station.”

Balha’s Pastrys

“…renowned for its range of baklava, delicious coffee, and Western cakes.”

Jamaica Blue Werribee

“We ordered the tasty coffee for which they’re known…we noticed a visible halal sign.”