Capricho Grill

“The healthy bowl also had a nice element of sweetness from the pomegranate…”

Casa Tagine

The food of Morocco is the food I like the most, because it is similar to Egyptian cuisine. My father grew up, and finished school, in Egypt so my mother was always making food from there. After the closure of a much loved halal Moroccan eatery on Sydney road (where it had to compete with…

The Uleg

‘Indonesian food with genuine Indonesian flavours…’


“…a separate halal only grill which can be seen from the seating area…”

Al Mina

“…Middle Eastern restaurant that is good for groups…”


“Wanting to experience more Somali cuisine we returned to Flemington…”

Killiney Kopitiam

“Singapore noodles, laksa, and generously portioned spring rolls decorated our table…”


“…slowly been trying everything on the menu and have not had any disappointments.”