Kedai Satay

“…a reliable CBD joint for those who miss Indonesian cuisine or students living in the inner city.”


“The Malaysian hawker food chain has branches spread around the city…”


Supernormal’s menu is inspired by great Asian cities – Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo. The items are designed around share plates so you order something from each section of the menu. We started with kimchi and an oyster for my daughter, followed by the New England lobster rolls for which Supernormal is renowned. Underestimating our appetites…


“…this pioneer halal restaurant in Melbourne is dry (alcohol free) and has child friendly menu items…”

Pondok Rempah

“The menu consists of popular dishes typical of daily Indonesian life…”

Roti Road

“What if you could go to a yum cha place with no pork and where all the meat is halal?”


“A tasty brunch menu (sucuk & baked bean jaffle a highlight) and wonderful coffee…”

Red Spice Road

“For a special occasion or lunch with colleagues, Red Spice Road QV is a fail-safe choice.”

Little Ipoh

“…the mostly Malay clientele provide a good indication of the authenticity of the place.”