Dapur Indo

This place is better described as a casual eatery or food stall than a restaurant. It has a relaxing atmosphere, similar to enjoying our parents’ cooking. Even though the dishes are original, the strength of the flavourings was reduced – such as the rendang which doesn’t taste too spicy or the anchovies which are not as seasoned as usual. On the menu there’s sayur daun singkong (sauteed cassava) which is rare in Australian Indonesian eateries. I was happy to find a place to eat like this and it seems that it’s not only Indonesians who like it. The menu provided is varied. Unlike my husband I went with dishes that could be picked from a bain marie & he chose gado-gado while friends chose Javanese noodles. There are also grilled ribs, Indonesian style. Friendly service, and well priced – good to try if you happen to pass the southeast of Mebourne – to be precise on Springvale road.

Missing the warung? Hit up Dapur Indo in Springvale

Tempat makan ini lebih cocok dibilang tempat makan atau warung makan dari pada restaurant. Suasana relax seperti menikmati masakan ibu kita. Walaupun menunya termasuk original tapi rasanya sudah dikurangi seperti rendang yang tidak terasa pedas sama sekali. Juga teri kacang yang tidak berbumbu seperti biasa. Disana ada sayur daun singkong yang jarang bisa ditemui. Dan semua ini tidak mengurangi merasa puasku ada tempat makan yang seperti ini. Dan kelihatan bukan hanya orang-orang Indonesia yang menyukainya. Menu yang disediakan bermacam ragam. Aku lebih suka memilih apa yang terlihat sedang suami seperti biasa memilih gado-gado. Temanku memilih mie jawa. Ada juga iga bakar disana. Pelayanan ramah harga memadai. Selamat mencoba apabila anda kebetulan lewat kedaerah selatan Mebourne tepatnya dijalan Springvale.

Home style food in a casual atmosphere


Dapur Indo 231 Springvale Road, Springvale Victoria

Monday to Sunday 12midday to 7pm

All halal menu, Muslim owned


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