Blok M Express

At the end of lockdown in Melbourne, I wanted to start filling in my blog & Instagram again (@halalculinaryadventures) which have been neglected for a long time.

My hopes were high with an Indonesian restaurant in the CBD. When we entered, there was lovely typical Indonesian decor causing us to think the food must be delicious. My daughter started reading the menu and me too. Our choices were the pecel lele or catfish & nasi campur or rice with a range of sides; we chose an appetizer set of tofu and fried tempeh, plus spring rolls filled with crab sticks.

Maybe it’s because there are too many delicious foods I’ve tried in Melbourne, but I found the food in this restaurant to be just so-so. The plating and food arrangement is good, and different from other Indonesian restaurants, the decor is distinctive & comfortable and the space is not too crowded with a mezzanine level at the back. For the appetizer, there should be no balado (sauteed with chilli) eggs there. My hope is that in the future things like this must be realized. Every now and then, this is somewhere for fast and serviceable Indonesian food in the CBD.

Lovely decor and presentation, but underwhelming food

Akhir dari lockdown di melbourne aku ingin sekali mulai mengisi blog-6yy yof of dan IG halalculinary adventures-ku yg sudah lama terbengkalai.

Harapanku ini dimulai dengan restaurant indonesia. Ketika kami masuk terlihat decor khas Indonesia yang bagus. Berfikir pastilah makanan yang disediakan enak. Anakku mulai membaca menu yang ada & juga aku. Pilihan kami jatuh pada pecel lele & nasi campur. Juga kami memilih sebagai makanan pembuka tahu dan tempe goreng serta spring roll isi crab stick yang tidak pernah aku jumpai dimanapun.

Mungkin dikarenakan terlalu banyak makanan yg lezat yangpernah aku coba, makanan direstaurant ini terasa biasa saja. Maaf kalau aku to the point karena betul-betul sangat disayangkan. Penataan makanan yang bagus lain dari restaurant Indonesia yang lain, dekorasi dan ruang yang khas & nyaman tidak disertai kelezatan. Untuk makanan pembuka tidak seharusnya ada telur balado disitu. Harapanku dimasa yang akan datang hal-hal seperti ini harus disadari. Sesekali boleh saling kunjung atau saling coba ke restauran Indonesia yang lain. Maaf ini saran saja.


Blok M Express 380 Little Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Sunday to Wednesday 11am – 9pm

Thursday to Saturday 11am – 10pm

Halal meat suppliers; unlicensed; no pork on the menu

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