Cheeky Chewies

This cafe, which is located in the west of Melbourne, has many menu items from various countries. For example, there is ramen (from Japan), there is nasi lemak (from Malaysia), there is chicken parmagiana (from Italy) and others such as Western options in the children’s section of the menu. The cafe is quite spacious to accommodate people who come with several family or friends. Service is very friendly and quite fast. There are also various ready-made drinks available and trendy bubble tea also known as boba. We tried the ramen, nasi lemak, chicken parmagiana and the vegie spring roll & fried mushroom appetizer which was delicious. Enjoy.

Cafe yang berada didaerah barat Melbourne ini mempunyai banyak menu dari ber macam-macam negara. Misalnya ada ramen (dari Japan), ada nasi lemak (dari Malaysia), dan ada chicken parmagiana (dari Italy) dan lain-lain. Juga tersedia makanan Western untuk anak-anak. Ruangan dari cafe ini lumayan bisa menampung orang-orang yang datang dengan keluarga. Pelayanan sangat ramah dan lumayan cepat. Juga tersedia macam-macam minuman ready atau yang harus dibuatkan. Tak ketinggalan bubble tea yang lagi nge-trend atau biasa dikenal dengan nama boba. Kami mencoba ramen, nasi lemak, chicken parmagiana dan makanan pembuka vegie spring roll & fried mushroom yang enak. Selamat mencoba.


Cheeky Chewies 1: 18a Aviation Road, Laverton, Victoria

Monday to Sunday 8am-8.30pm

Check with the restaurant for public holiday hours

There is a second branch at Shop 2, 167 Shaws Road, Werribee

Halal signage clearly visible; no pork on the menu; diner discretion advised as the cafe is licensed

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