Black Seed Cafe

We heard of the existence of this place through my son in law, who was very happy to stumble on a cute – and halal -breakfast place near Point Cook where he and my daughter occasionally spend their weekends. Patently, Black Seed serves a comprehensive breakfast range, from mid sized choices to their big breakfast.

My eldest daughter chose the big breakfast which ended up being hard for her to finish (because of its size alone). My second daughter chose a smaller portioned meal, while my husband and I ordered the same dish (eggs florentine with sides of beef rashers and haloumi – my favorite). Until the evening my stomach still felt full and so I only ate a pear and some strawberries for dinner. The place is quite comfortable – in a busy shopping street, with seating inside and outside. What adds to the fun of this place is the obvious cooperation and teamwork from Anglo-Australian and Muslim workers (including the veiled ones), and we also saw a lot of customers of both Muslim and non-Muslim Australian backgrounds. One thing for me as a lover of coffee, I think there still needs improvement in the coffee-making.

Tempat ini kami dapatkan keberadaannya dari mantuku. Dia sangat bahagia karena ada tempat breakfast yang bagus dekat Point Cook dimana sesekali menghabiskan waktu week end mereka. Ternyata memang betul breakfast disitu sangat komplit, mau yang sedang-sedang saja macamnya atau yg banyak macamnya (“big breakfast”). 

Anak pertama memilih big breakfast yang dengan susah payah untuk menghabiskannya. Anak kedua memilih porsi kecil jadi lumayan bersyukur untuk tidak berjuang menghabiskannya. Aku dan suamiku memesan yg sama – eggs florentine dengan tambahan beef rashers & haloumi kesukaanku. Sampai malam perutku masih kenyang dan hanya makan buah pear & strawberry untuk dinner. Tempat ini cukup nyaman didaerah pertokoan, dengan tempat duduk didalam dan diluar. Yang menambah tempat ini menyenangkan saat kami disitu adalah melihat kerja sama yang baik dan ramah dari pekerja Australia dan Muslim (berjilbab), juga kami melihat pembelinya banyak orang Australia dan Muslimnya. Satu hal buatku sebagai pecinta kopi, menurutku kopi disitu masih perlu diperenak.


Black Seed Cafe 133 Watton Street Werribee Victoria

Tuesday – Friday 7am – 230pm

Saturday – Sunday 8am – 230pm

Mondays closed

Muslim owned, halal certified meat, unlicensed, no pork or bacon (beef rashers used)

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