PappaRich is a familiar name to Melbourne Muslims particularly those with ASEAN backgrounds. The Malaysian hawker food chain has branches spread around the city and its menu – similar to Indonesian cuisine – is much-loved by students and families alike including chicken rice, nasi lemak, and chilli pan mee (a mixture of salted fish, chili, minced chicken meat, kwetiau noodles, mustard greens, and mushrooms – very tasty and a favourite among us southeast Asians). The menu also includes steamed chicken and shrimp dimsum. I feel no need to go on about their menu which I’m sure you are familiar with. The drink choices are extensive; on our last visit I chose a concoction of mango, lychee, water melon and jelly which fit perfectly with the weather in Melbourne getting warmer.

Papparich nama restaurant favourite dicommunity Muslim. Mereka mempunyai cabang yg lumayan banyak dan tersebar dikota Melbourne. Menu yang mirip dengan masakan Indonesia ini banyak digemari orang. Ayam & nasi lemak yg menggoda, juga chilli pan mee (campuran dari ikan teri asin, sambal, daging cincang ayam, kwetiau, sawi hijau, dan mushroom yang sangat lezat sekali buat kita orang Asia). Mereka juga menyediakan steamed dimsum ayam, udang, atau bisa juga dibungkus pakai tahu bukan pakai kulit dimsum. Dan ini enak sekali dimakan pakai saus pedas. Saya rasa tidak perlu panjang-panjang cerita tentang menu mereka karena semuanya cukup enak. Minumannya pun beraneka rasa; saya memilih juice mangga yg dicampur bush leci, water melon, dan jelly karena sangat cocok dengan udara yg semakin hangat.

PappaRich branches and opening hours
Halal certification available on request

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  1. dadfromcasey says:

    Such a good joint! Which one did you go to?
    I frequent Chadstone!


    1. We’ve been to Chadstone and Doncaster; on this occasion we were at the QV one


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