This Lebanese mezze restaurant is in the heart of North Melbourne with cosy indoor seating and outdoor seating on hip and happening Errol Street. Perhaps because of the higher percentage of potential customers being non-Muslim in this part of town, there is no halal signage (but staff verbally confirming Agraba’s halal status). We were served by a friendly and efficient waitress in a black headscarf. A generous serving of fried haloumi and some hummus made for tasty appetisers with for our shared main dish we opted for tasty lamb skewers on rice (again generously portioned) with a side of colourful pickles and olives. If you’re a fan of good mezze and you’re in the area – perhaps sampling the bean based drinks of Auction Rooms or Mork down the road – you know where to head for some halal lunch, or an early dinner.

Agraba adalah restaurant Lebanon di North Melbourne. Area duduknya ada yang didalam dan ada yg dibagian luar dari restaurant, dipinggir jalan Errol Street yang ramai. Sayangnya mereka tidak mendisplay kehalalannya, mungkin daerah ini masih banyak non-Muslimnya atau alasan lain. Yang melayani kami waktu itu seorang wanita berjilbab yang ramah. Aku suka haloumi goreng, hummus dan roti, dan juga macam-macam pickle yang warna-warni. Daging yang disediakan cukup banyak untuk satu porsinya. Kalau anda kebetulan berada didaerah sekitar north Melbourne jadi tahu ada makanan halal disitu.

Agraba Bar and Mezze 69-71 Errol St North Melbourne Victoria 3051 (an update from the restaurant in April 2021 says it is sharing a kitchen and operating at nearby Errol’s Restaurant)
Mondays closed; Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 10pm
Halal status confirmed by wait staff; no pork on menu but alcohol served

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