Vegie Tribe

I don’t know why but lately I have been enjoying Melbourne’s growing vegan food scene. This time we went to a plant based buffet restaurant in the Melbourne CBD. The place is not very big with the buffet taking up part of the space. At that time we wanted to order ala carte but the staff told us that the food we ordered would take twenty minutes to prepare; we said we didn’t mind. It didn’t take long for another waiter to let us know that the food we ordered was actually included in the buffet, and for the same price we could also try the other foods there. Feeling a bit forced to go for the buffet, we finally agreed… The tofu pizza we wanted only had a few slices of which I took one; the good thing is that the vegie lasagna was still plentiful and to be honest, this tasted really good. There are several other yummy items on the menu such as dolmade, a bland yellow rice (which could be used to accompany the other dishes) and fried mock meats and salads that tasted just right. I ordered juice (carrot and beetroot) which unfortunately seemed to have more water than the juice. You could also order vegan coffee separately from the price of the buffet. So if you are on a plant based diet this place in the city is suitable for a visit.

Saya tidak tahu kenapa akhir-akhir ini lagi senang makan ditempat vegan atau juga vegetarian. Kali ini kami pergi keresto vegetarian dan vegan didaerah city of Melbourne. Tempatnya tidak terlalu besar. Ada tempat hidangan untuk buffet juga. Sa’at itu kami ingin memesan ala carte tetapi pegawai memberi tahukan bahwa makanan yang kami pesan akan memakan waktu dua puluh menit – kami katakan kami tidak keberatan. Tidak lama datang lagi seseorang masih memberikan tanggapan bahwa makanan yang kami pesan ada di buffet, juga kami bisa mencoba makanan lain yang ada disana. Seperti dipaksa kami akhirnya menyetujuinya. Pizza tahu yang kami mau tinggal tiga potong, aku ambil satu potong, bagusnya vegie lasagna-nya masih banyak dan sejujurnya ini sangat enak rasanya buatku. Ada beberapa menu lagi yang kami ambil seperti dolmade, nasi berwarna kuning yang tak ada rasa, serta satu gorengan serta salad yang rasanya pas. Aku memesan juice wortel dan beetroot yang lebih banyak airnya dari sari juicenya. Ditempat ini kita bisa juga memesan kopi dengan bayaran terpisah dari harga buffet-nya. Jadi bila anda penganut vegetarian atau vegan, tempat ini cocok untuk anda datangi.


Vegie Tribe, 34-36 Little La Trobe St Melbourne 3000

Monday to Sunday 11am – 9pm

Plant based, but diner discretion advised as vegan wine and beers sold

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