Diverse Dandenong

Our latest episode looks at halal eating in a very multicultural suburb of Melbourne

This weekend I want to introduce some halal small businesses in the Dandenong area. This suburb has a lot of small halal shops too at the “Dandenong Market”. When we have brunch (between breakfast and lunch) at one of these shops, it feels like we are not in Melbourne but overseas. Many Muslim residents are from Afghanistan or Pakistan. This is a perfect place to try so many foods and sweets from these backgrounds.

At Afghan Charcoal Kebab ‘Balkh Takeaway’ we opted for the ‘mixed kebab’ and Afghan bread plus a pomegranate drink because they don’t sell coffee. After eating we immediately looked for coffee because I haven’t had coffee since the morning. Alhamdulillah very close by was a coffee shop with good reviews online-they sell a variety of Pakistani and Afghan sweets too. The place is very small with only one table with two stools. The shop’s name is ‘Halal Eats‘ located under a budget hotel. Our coffee was made by a beautiful Afghan girl who was interested in my daughter’s sport hijab and who served us with a friendly smile. The coffee is really good – it’s only right if they get such good reviews.

Next we entered Dandenong Market, to go to a shop that sells a variety of interesting sweets. Incidentally, the owner of M & Co Sweet Treats’ is the daughter of an old friend of mine. So I had the opportunity to chat with my friend who happened to be there. The shop is interesting because of the various forms of candy or chocolate. It’s a good idea to buy some as an extra gift for Mother’s Day (there are chocolate bags in the shape of a bag) or Father’s Day (there are chocolates in the form of tools such as saws, screwdrivers, etc.) If you have free time on the weekend you can go to Dandenong to see another side of the city of Melbourne.

Kali ini saya ingin memperjenalkan usaha kecil atau toko kecil yang halal di daerah Dandenong. Daerah ini banyak sekali bertebaran toko-toko kecil yang halal juga didalam “Dandenong Market”-nya. Ketika kita brunch (antara makan pagi dan siang ) disalah satu toko ini, terasa seperti bukan dikota Melbourne. Yang disana hampir semuanya Muslim; kebanyakan mereka berasal dari Afghanistan atau Pakistan. Inilah makanya banyak sekali makanan dan sweets dari asal mereka.

Di Afghan Charcoal Kebab ‘Balkh Takeaway’ kami memilih ‘mixed kebab’ dan roti Afghan plus pomegranate drink karena mereka tidak menjual kopi. Selesai makan kami segera mencari kopi karena aku sudah dari pagi tidak minum kopi. Alhamdulillah sangat dekat dengan warung kopi yang reviewnya bagus, mereka menjual bermacam-macam sweet Pakistan dan Afghan juga. Tempatnya sangat kecil hanya ada satu meja dengan dua bangku. Nama toko ini ‘Halal Eats’ terletak dibawah budget hotel. Kami dilayani oleh gadis Afghan yang cantik yang tertarik dengan sport hijab anakku. Dia melayani kami dengan ramah dan senyum. Kopinya memang benar enak, tak salah kalau mereka dapat review yang bagus.

Yang berikutnya kami masuk ke Dandenong Market, ketoko yang menjual bermacam-macam permen yang menarik. Kebetulan yang punya toko ‘M & Co Sweet Treats’ adalah anak teman lamaku. Jadi kami punya kesempatan untuk berbincang – bincang dengan temanku yang kebetulan disana. Lumayan menarik karena macam-macam bentuk permen atau coklat yang ada disana. Ide yang bagus untuk membeli sebagai kado Hari Ibu (ada coklat berbentuk tas) atau Hari Ayah (ada coklat yang berbentuk alat-alat seperti gergaji, obeng dan lain-lain. Kalau ada waktu luang diakhir pekan anda bisa kesana melihat suasana lain dari kota Melbourne.

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