Sigara boregi (haloumi filled pastry sticks) make for a delicious entree to a Rumi meal

This stylish Persian restaurant located on the Brunswick East end of Lygon Street is packed most nights with a mainly Australian clientele.

The food is unique and comes in share plates. The tender spiced lamb shoulder is highly recommended, as is the batata harra – a side of crunchy potato with a spicy chilli and coriander sauce.

Named after the Persian poet, Rumi is a comfortable, fun place to have dinner with friends or a loved one; bear in mind that liquor is served.

Bookings strongly recommended with reservations before six pm having a two hour sitting time. Extremely friendly and competent service. 

The batata hara – crispy potatoes in a fiery sauce

Restoran Persia yang terletak di Lygon Street Brunswick punya banyak pelanggan terutama orang Aussie-nya.

Makanannya enak dan unik. Daging kambingnya sangat lezat dan mereka punya menu kentang seperti kentang balado, yang sangat pedas tapi enak.

Tempatnya nyaman buat orang yg tidak keberatan di area yang ada minuman kerasnya. 

Untuk kita makan disana kita harus booking dan kalau kita booking untuk jam enam sore kita harus meninggalkan tempat jam delapan malam. Pelayanannya sangat ramah.


Rumi 116 Lygon Street Brunswick East Victoria 3057
Monday to Sunday 6pm – 10pm
Halal meat, no pork, alcohol served

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