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This Friday we decided to go to a vegan restaurant close to the city. Coincidentally my husband likes healthy food. So the three of us went to brunch at the place in the Docklands area, which is pretty good. On this occasion we chose the ‘vegan benny’ – jackfruit on toast and tofu in pineapple sauce – and falafel with humus and bread for the three of us to share. Here they replace different types of meat with vegan versions, such as meatballs made from mushrooms mixed with walnuts. There is another type of meat that they replace with jackfruit; for coffee they replace the milk with several vegan choices such as oat milk, almond milk or soy milk. But I prefer healthy cold drinks from fruits or vegetables at this type of restaurant. My son chose a latte with oat milk, chili, cocoa and paprika. Service is friendly enough. Enjoy.

Hari Jumat ini kami memutuskan untuk mendatangi restauran vegan yang berada disekitar city. Kebetulan suamiku suka makanan yang sehat. Jadi kami bertiga pergi brunch , istilah keren untuk sarapan bukan, makan siang juga bukan. Tempatnya didaerah Dockland & lumayan bagus . Kali ini kami memilih ‘vegan benny’ – nangka diatas toast dan tahu dengan saus nanas – dan falafel dengan humus dan roti untuk kami share bertiga. Memang mereka mengganti jenis daging-dagingan seperti meatball dibuat dari mushroom dicampur walnut . Ada jenis daging lain yang mereka ganti dengan jackfruit (nangka muda). Untuk coffee mereka mengganti susunya dengan beberapa pilihan seperti susu oat, susu almond atau susu kedelai. Tetapi saya lebih memilih minuman healthy dari buah-buahan atau sayuran direstaurant jenis ini . Anakku memilih latte dengan susu oat, cabai, kakao, dan paprika. Pelayanan cukup ramah – selamat mencoba.


Home Vegan Bar, Shop 4/699 Collins St, Docklands VIC 3008

Monday to Friday 8am to 330pm

Closed weekends


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  1. Thomas says:

    I really enjoyed my time at this vegan restaurant! The food was delicious and the service was friendly. I would definitely recommend this place to others!
    Thomas Blake


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